Signs of Malefic Saturn (Shani) and How to Identify Them

Signs of Malefic Saturn Shani

In Vedic astrology, Saturn, or Shani, is considered a malefic planet. If it is weak or ill-placed in a person’s birth chart, it can negatively affect their physical, mental, and financial health. We will examine some common signs of weak Saturn and how to determine if your Saturn is malefic in this article.

How Do You Know If Your Saturn Is Weak

The body suffers from excessive lethargy and laziness when Saturn is weak. It could be a sign of a weak Saturn if you always feel tired and restless. Furthermore, weak Saturn can cause knee, joint, and foot pain, as well as digestive problems. In addition to giving headaches and migraines, it can also determine how the Sun is doing. Consult a medical professional for proper diagnosis and treatment if you experience these symptoms.

A weak Saturn will cause the native to experience delays and struggles in career and income stability. It is likely that success will come later in the career in such cases. An unorganized and indisciplined Saturn can lead to a careless and aimless attitude, as well as difficulty gaining custody of ancestral property.
A low concentration power can also lead to indecisiveness in attitude and hasty decision-making, as well as lack of focus at work. Furthermore, weak Saturn can lead to bad company and bad habits, such as intoxication and gambling.

When Saturn is weak, debts will increase, and repayment can become a huge problem. Additionally, it can cause problems in the workplace with subordinates and servants. Saturn’s weak position could be causing difficulties in your career or workplace.

Saturn’s weakness can increase Shadripu, which are man’s six enemies: desires, anger, greed, attachment, jealousy, and ego. A person’s spiritual health and well-being can be negatively affected by this. In order to control these negative emotions, it is essential to improve one’s spiritual well-being.

A weak Saturn can result in bluish or violet nails, dark circles below the eyes, and heat spots on the face. A lack of confidence can result from these physical effects for some people. Additionally, weak Saturn can lead to bone and joint pain and weakness, which can be especially problematic for older people who are already experiencing age-related problems.

Symptoms of Weak Saturn

You may experience any of the following symptoms if Saturn is weak: frequent headaches, financial losses, always agitated, lack of focus, death or loss of family members, and negative emotions. Consult a professional astrologer to get an accurate understanding of Saturn’s effects on your birth chart.

In astrology, Saturn is associated with several diseases. You may have weak Saturn planets if you suffer from these diseases. The majority of diseases are chronic illnesses that affect your mental and physical health. Thus, if a person experiences conditions related to accumulated waste materials, this can be attributed to malefic Saturn. A congenital weakness makes you feel lethargic as well. Furthermore, Saturn’s illness results in poor digestion, low resistance, and low immunity.

Furthermore, natives will experience spasms, numbness, and rigidity. Depression and hypofunctioning of organs can result from it. Additionally, it causes rheumatism, arthritis, broken bones, osteoporosis, and premature aging. In addition to paralysis and cancer, poor Saturn disrupts your nerves and causes paralysis. It is possible to suffer from serious problems like emaciation, deafness, vision loss, and deformity

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