Lord Vishnu Names for Baby Boys

Baby Boy

Many Hindu parents name their sons after Lord Vishnu, one of the most revered deities in the religion. The name Vishnu means preserver, and it is believed that invoking the name of Lord Vishnu can bring good fortune and prosperity to a child. Here are some of the most popular Lord Vishnu names for baby boys and their meanings.

Baby Boy Names

  1. Akshay – Akshay means indestructible or eternal. The name is believed to bring long and prosperous lives to those who bear it.
  2. Aniruddha – A common meaning of the name Aniruddha is “unstoppable” or “invincible”. A child named after this name is believed to be blessed with good fortune and success.
  3. Devavrata – Devavrata means “one who is dedicated to God”. The name is believed to bring blessings of devotion and piety to those who bear it.
  4. Govind – Govind means “one who protects cows.”. In India, it is often associated with Lord Krishna, another form of Lord Vishnu.
  5. Hari – The name Hari means “one who removes sins” or “lord of nature”. In India, this name is quit common.
  6. Jagannath – Jagannath means “the lord of the universe”. It is a highly revered name.
  7. Kesava – The name means “one with beautiful hair” or “lord of the universe”. People with this name are believed to be blessed with good fortune and success.
  8. Madhava – The name Madhava means “lord of sweetness”. Often associated with Lord Krishna, it’s a popular name in India.
  9. Narayana – Narayana means “the one who resides in everything”. Lord Vishnu is often referred to by this name.
  10. Rama – The name Rama means “the one who is pleasing” or “source of joy”. It is widely popular in India, particularly as the name of Lord Vishnu’s form as Lord Rama.
  11. Vasudeva – Vasudeva means “the son of Vasudeva” or “lord of wealth”.
  12. Venkatesh – The name Venkatesh means “lord of Venkata Hill”. It is a popular name in India and is often associated with Lord Vishnu’s form as Lord Venkateshwara.

Hence, Hindus usually name their boys after Lord Vishnu as a way to honour their god. The names of these children are believed to bring the child good fortune and prosperity. Whichever name you choose, you can be certain that your child will carry a piece of Lord Vishnu with them throughout their lives.

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