10 Unique Telugu Baby Girl Names to Consider for Your Little One

Baby Girl

One of the most important decisions that new parents have to make is what to name their baby girl. In order to accomplish this task properly, you need to consider it and think about it carefully. Naming a baby girl in Telugu culture is steeped in tradition and holds a great deal of significance. This article explores some of the unique Telugu baby girl names and their meanings.

Telugu culture is known for its rich customs and traditions. Traditionally, a baby girl’s naming ceremony is held on the 11th day after birth in Telugu culture. The family members gather to pray to the gods and goddesses, seeking blessings for the baby girl during this ceremony. A baby girl’s name is also chosen based on the horoscope, which is thought to influence the future of the child.

There are many beautiful Telugu baby girl names available for parents to choose from.

Baby Girl Names in Telugu

Here are 10 unique Telugu baby girl names you might want to consider:

  1. Aadhya: It is a beautiful Telugu name that means ‘first power’ or ‘the beginning’. This name is perfect for first-time parents who want to emphasize their baby girl’s strength and power.
  2. Anvita: A beautiful Telugu name, Anvita means ‘one who bridges the gap’, and is ideal for parents who want their baby girl to connect with people and build relationships.
  3. Chetana: The name Chetana means ‘consciousness’ or ‘awareness’. It is perfect for parents who are looking for a name to express their daughter’s intelligence and mindfulness.
  4. Dhriti: Dhriti means ‘patience’ or ‘perseverance’ and is perfect for parents who want to honour their little girl’s calm and determined nature.
  5. Esha: ‘Esha’ means ‘desire’ or ‘wish’. Parents can use this name to celebrate their baby girl’s aspirations and dreams.
  6. Hamsini: The name Hamsini, which means ‘swan’, is perfect for parents who want to celebrate the elegance and grace of their baby girl.
  7. Ishaani: Ishaani means ‘ruler’ or ‘queen’. It is a lovely name for parents who wish to celebrate their daughter’s strength and leadership abilities.
  8. Kavyanjali: This beautiful name means ‘offering of poetry’. In honour of the creativity and artistic abilities of your baby girl, give her the name Kavyanjali.
  9. Mihika: ‘Mihika’ means ‘mist’ in Telugu, and it’s the ideal name for parents who want to celebrate their baby girl’s mysterious and enigmatic nature.
  10. Shreya: he name means ‘goodness’ or ‘excellence’, Shreya is perfect for parents looking to honour their baby girl’s virtue and righteousness.

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